What is like to be me?

I always believe that there is a special connection in every one of us here on Earth. You know when they are sharing childhood memories like whatever happens to the refrigerators’ bulb or that death stare of your father when you messed up.  

I am millennial, I am born without technology and mobile phone on our faces. We have our own way of passing time such as going out on adventure ala-Huckleberry Finn. I would usually tag along with my Kuya’s barkada going out swimming until my younger brother almost drowned.

We would go out to one of our friend’s house to watch the horror TV series at night and be running so fast to reach our home. We’ll be playing laro ng lahi games even I had a nose bleed because I crash with another playmate. I grew up looking up to Sun Goku and summoning Kamehame wave with my bare hands.  

You see that lifestyle is getting extinct. As much as I think so much of the world about technology – I am a computer teacher, after all – these are real things that happened to me that you might not relate anymore.

To answer my first question, I’d rather share my life with you through this blog.